Why Donor Profiles are Important to your Fundraising Success.

Here at Make Giving Happen we’ve expanded our features, and now your users can create profiles. This is not just good for them – it’s a huge opportunity for you.


Think about all your online profiles – for example, your social media.

After creating an account, you likely made it uniquely your own by uploading a photo, filling in your personal information and connecting with the people you knew and communities you’re interested in. Your social media became a window into your offline life.

You’re in good company.  Hootsuite and We Are Social reported that there are now more than 3 billion people logging onto social media accounts worldwide.


Each one is motivated by myriad things. We create social profiles as extensions of ourselves; to grow and nourish relationships; to improve the lives of others; to communicate our ideas to a mass audience, and spread the word for causes we believe in.

What does this mean for fundraising?

Make Giving Happen has created a profile feature that can help build and expand your community by giving donors and fundraisers the ability to create their own page, add their social media accounts, and showcase the work they are doing.

Though this, you’ll learn who they are on an individual level: what their interests are, what compels them and how they best engage with you (either by fundraising for you or solely through donating).

For your users, the reward is immediate. Human beings are inherently social creatures. Even digitally, we seek to forge connections. Profiles give your users this capability, rather than a donation page that only serves to solicit donations.

How does this benefit you?

Profiles give you a personal introduction to your user – written by your users themselves.

Many of you will have an idea of your target donor. But, have you asked yourself some important follow-up questions?

* Is your donor persona the best person to donate to you?

* Does it accurately represent the people currently donating to you?

* Is your content marketing clicking with your audiences?

* Which campaigns have really resounded with your donors?

* How do they engage with you?

* What’s their donation history?

User profiles can provide you with answers to all of these (and more) and guide your strategy to maximize results while minimizing effort – taking the guesswork out of your campaign design

How much trust do donors have in you?

Regardless of your industry, building trust and loyalty with your consumers is crucial to your success.

Creating a profile sets the stage for donors to become loyal activists. While all donors are valuable, activists have the added benefit of being powerful agents for change and organic growth.

By giving users the ability to showcase what they’ve donated to and the campaigns they’ve created, you encourage them and others to return to and interact with your site.

By adding personalization to your platform, you’re fostering a group of passionate philanthropists who can trust the work you’re doing because they can actually see it.

Make Giving Happen Profiles

To learn more about this feature, and how to maximize its potential for your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always thrilled to talk to changemakers like you.






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