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Polar Catalyst: Crowdfunding for Students on Ice

Connecting people behind the communities, the land and biodiversity of the poles.

The Students on Ice Foundation was looking for an innovative way to raise money for initiatives that advance and benefit the polar regions. Polar Catalyst is Students On Ice’s crowdfunding platform, that would allow the Foundation to connect with their audience online and raise the money needed for projects that create a healthy and sustainable future for the people, the land and biodiversity of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Polar Catalyst was created to help individuals and organizations, including the Students on Ice network of alumni, who share a common goal, to utilize the platform to connect with their wider audience and raise money. Polar Catalyst provides an online space for individual donors to connect with the project, make a donation and share it with their network.

Adding a project is seamless. Project creators can easily add photos or video to tell their story and make the ask and share the project with their networks and drive traffic back to the platform. Donating is even simpler. The platform was designed to be quick and painless for donors.

Polar Catalyst has seen several successful crowd funding campaigns since its launch, including the Arctic Youth And Partnership Program, which raised $105,000 in 2016.

Solutions Provided

  • Area of Practice – Crowdfunding
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Strategy
  • Web


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